About MakInnovations

Simple, Smart, Safe Solutions for Patient Hydration

Proper hydration is essential to living a healthy life, but there are no easy and effective products or tools to help those who need it most. People who are ill, recovering from surgical procedures or the elderly need extra help maintaining proper hydration. This is why MakInnovations is dedicated to providing innovative and patient-centric products, with a focus on oral hydration, to the healthcare industry.

We believe by providing patients easy access to fluids and caregivers tools for monitoring and recording fluid intake the recovery time from illnesses and surgeries; duration of hospital stays; the amount of medications needed; and just the general comfort and health of the patient will be greatly improved. The MakH2OPak™ was specifically designed to meet patient oral hydration needs, with added features that will enable caregivers to provide improved care to their patients. It is changing the way we hydrate in the healthcare industry. We call it a Hydration Revolution!

Our Inspiration

Providing adequate hydration to their father and husband during his battle with cancer became a daily struggle for the Makowski Family of Ruidoso, New Mexico. Both in the hospital and homecare settings, cups were either out of reach, spilled or empty and an IV for hydration was not medically necessary. Most importantly, Steve Makowski was losing much of his independence while requiring more caregiver attention with each passing day. After a little thought and some creative "rigging" the family was able to provide him with the ability to drink without assistance, which meant restoration of his independence, relief to the caregivers and, more importantly, proper hydration all day and night. The transformation that was witnessed when comfort and control was restored back to Steve gave peace of mind that they were providing the best care possible. Soon after, research showed that a product with this capability simply did not exist - so the Makowski Sisters, along with Steve's wife, invented one: The MakH2OPak™ was conceived becoming the first of its kind hydration product.